Cow Leg (Burnt Beef Feet) 1kg

Cow Leg (Burnt Beef Feet) 1kg


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  • Cow leg | Cleaned & Cut

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Product Description

  • Cow Leg (Burnt Beef Feet) 1kg
  • Large Cow Leg (sold per piece)
  • Our cow legs are fresh and tender. We have available for your enjoyment, tasty and flavorful cow legs filled with nutrients. Cow leg is a prominent delicacy in the Ghana. It is a good source of protein and minerals like phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. It is definitely an addition to your diet you should consider.
  • Torsaa offers you fresh, tender, and tasty cow legs, sourced from farms that major on raising healthy cattle with no growth hormones. They are guaranteed to boost the taste of your soups (any soup of your choice), assorted meat and are great for preparing broths.
  • If you like eating cow legs, you can also try some of our other fresh meat options – Wele, assorted meat, snail meat, Beef HoneyComb (tripe), cow tongue, beef oxtail and lamb chops.
  • We deliver to your doorstep.
  • Torsaa cow legs that promises to bring you and your family nourishment at its best.
  • For best results, cook fresh or store away in your refrigerator or freezer.
  • You can count on Torsaa to deliver quality fresh cow legs in the quantity you desire.

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